Impact of Design ON Appearance & Sales

Every web design company has one and only one goal; that is to increase sales and profit.

So everything that makes a customer gets attracted, stay on your website and convert as a customer is a top priority. Indirectly this means design. Web design has become the most important aspect of any internet marketing strategy. From SEO and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design affects your entire internet presence. In many ways the design of a website affects your sales, let’s have a look at what they are.
Bringing customers to your website through heavy SEO and PPC campaigns is important but it is still only half the battle.

Design Matter's

Making them stay and make a purchase is the end goal. A cheap web designer can easily be hired to rectify this. Your Display windows design matters. Your website should be vibrant and beautiful; this will help you grab new customers, retain them and bring previous customers back too. A homepage that’s too slow to load, and does not display information necessary to the customers will only waste the money you invested in the aforementioned campaigns to bring them to the website.

Responsive design

A responsive design makes your website experience, look and feel appear the same regardless of the device that is used to access it. Your website will appear similar on a desktop and a mobile device and information are easy to find.

Big Bold Fonts

Big bold fonts have been in the trend for quite a while now and especially sans-serif typefaces, which is easy to read. Hence only important information that is relevant and necessary for the customers is put on the website.

Killer Images

Images do most business today.


Good looking powerful images that summarize your theme, products and everything else help make a conversion possible. People are attracted to stunning visuals and stay on it to look at it for a while. Hiring a cheap Wordpress developer can help with placing right images in the right design template.


The design of your website should make navigation simple for the user. If they need to get from product page to checkout page directly the option needs to be available right away. The same goes for fining information and products on your website.
A website that is not good looking will drive away traffic and affect your websites search ranking eventually killing the business. Customers will lose credibility if your design is not good enough. To improve customer satisfaction and retain customer loyalty a good website design is very important.


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