How to learn WordPress development as a beginner?

Wordpress IS THE WORLD no. 1 CMS (Content management system) and being number one means everybody wants to learn it, master it and make money from it.  

Confused for Wordpress

Wordpress is currently running more than 6o Million websites. A lot of competition is already out there for the beginners. But you do not need to worry as you can offer cheap Wordpress development services and pull some work towards you.  So let’s take a look at how you should proceed to learn what Wordpress development is and how you can become an expert in the field. 

Wordpress is made from the most widely used PHP Framework. Choosing Wordpress is a wise choice as its functions are clear, the coding style is extremely transparent and easy to understand and the documentation is phenomenal and it goes without saying that it has a huge online community. 

How to get started?

Mostly the approach to learning some depends on what kind of person you are but taking the standard route where you learn the languages first is advised for most people without a technical background.

 It will help you establish a fine understanding of the concepts of coding, implementation, and deployment. You may not get any instant satisfaction as you won’t able to create anything right away but this process of learning is very rewarding considering the fact that you are covering most grounds by learning how the language works. Your process is more in control as you have a complete idea of where you are going and what you are learning. The languages you need to work around are PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will easily be able to perform cheap Wordpress development as soon as you have the languages figured out.   

Becoming a part of the community by contributing to the code should be your side goal. Since WordPress is written in PHP and uses MySQL, it is important that you know the right practices for both of them.

Use right resources

Wordpress have lot of resources

The sheer amount of data available out there is outstanding and you may very well get easily confusing fishing through all that to get to the right ones quickly.  Look for Wordpress blogs and use Wordpress codex to begin with.  After sifting through some of the data go through some Wordpress books like “Wordpress for dummies” to get you started. . It discusses everything you should know about how to use WordPress and how to navigate around this platform.

Connect to right people

You become like people who you are friends with and the company does influence a person at least that much is true about the human mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have coffee with them and talk in person. Just follow the people in the community on social media and attend their discussions online through webinars. You can also follow blogs by Wordpress development agencies in London for their amazing tech news and updates to feed on the collective knowledge of a firm. At the end of the day, these connections will benefit you largely because people always choose the best developer.

To become a successful Wordpress developer you need willingness and determination. Anything is possible if you have given your best to learning and practicing the art. 


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