3 resaon why to choose Wordpress

 the designer may marvel why they might ever select WordPress.com over a self-hosted WordPress.org site. Here are a number of.

1. Backups –  WordPress.com  and cheap WordPress developer takes care of all backups for you. In their own words:

“ If a really giant meteor were to hit all the WordPress.com servers and destroy them on the far side repair, all of your knowledge would still be safe and that we may have your weblog online inside a few of days (after the meteor state of affairs died down, of course)”

2. Convenience – WordPress Developer is unfolded across many servers. The chance of all them failing at an equivalent time is very unlikely. this is often not the case together with your self-hosted WordPress installation. If it fails, all of your blogs hosted thereon server fail with it. And it’s up to you to place Humpty Dumpty back along once more.

3. Security –  Cheap WordPress Developer with the help of cheap web design London service security for you and conjointly offer fixes for any security problems that will present itself. Given the spate of recent WordPress hacks, this is often a vital issue. This quite something would provide somebody a reason to maneuver to WordPress.com.

Also following sensible security practices (like securing your admin panel through SSL) may be a straightforward one-click operation with WordPress.com. once mistreatment WordPress.org, you've got to put in plugins to urge this operating or update your server to use SSL associated install an SSL certificate.

To add it all up, mistreatment could also be a beautiful alternative for somebody that desires a peace officer answer that’s terribly straightforward to use. little or no stress and worry. However, simply bear in mind that a WordPress.com website isn't fully underneath your management which there are some style limitations.

 PHP is the backbone of WordPress (~70% of the source code is in PHP), and that means for aspiring WordPress developers, there's not much of a choice of what programming language to learn. (JavaScript is really the other major player, making up the other third of the codebase.) So you're gonna need a Dedicated PHP Developer.


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