Why Websites Need To Be Responsive?

Waking up to a bright phone screen is what modern culture revolves around these days, and the community is constantly getting more and more mobile friendly. People are relying on their Smartphone’s for almost everything.

A report says 's user base has crossed the 2 billion mark and by 2020 is expected to cross 3 billion. Almost everyone with a phone has access to the internet, which opens up more and more information to people worldwide, but people are also searching on desktops,

they have laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. This means that your website will be viewed from all the different mediums but if you are in London 80% of your user is Smartphone user. people of the UK searching Web development agency London So that they can make their website from best responsive web design London companies. Website Development Company in London like TechTIQ is making sure all designs are responsive.
A responsive website adapts itself to fit any screen which makes viewership seamless between various mediums. This improves the overall user experience of your site by removing the need for pinching or scrolling horizontally. Users have become used to a fast loading and visually appealing user interfaces. This phenomenon stretches to an extent that if a webpage does not load within 3-5 seconds is mostly abandoned. Your website design as an even bigger impact than you may have estimated. Statistics show that many people distrust a website and the companies’ authenticity altogether if the design is bad. This shows how important your website is for your business. Responsive website design in London based companies is tested through these statistics and designed accordingly.

A responsive website design will improve public response and you will be tapping into the huge mobile viewer market almost instantly with your fast designs. In fact, Google ranks responsive websites better over that are not. Therefore, re-designing your website to be responsive will lead to increased conversion, a better placement on search engines provides an overall better user experience.


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