Steps To Improve User Experience Of Website

A good website is measured by how much time a user spends on your website. 

The longer they stay, the more they will learn about your business and engage with what you offer. This is where UX comes in. UX is also known as user experience. A good UX is when your website is accessible, usable, efficient and easy on the eyes. All these put together create a great user experience that is a joyous journey for the user. There are some ways you can ensure that you have best website in the market

User Centric Design

Researching and identifying your target audience and keeping them in mind while creating every aspect of your website in order to meet their needs is how you narrow down the kinks. This shows that you care about the user and you make changes with user feedback.

Less is More

According to research attention spans have been reduced to almost the blink of an eye. People, if not impressed within 5 seconds will bounce to other websites. That means you’ve got to lure them in quickly. Your homepage should include the most important part only and all the great content you have to share should be link to inner pages or just add some anchors that lead to different points on your page, where more information can be accessed.


A picture is definitely worth a thousand words when it comes to online business. A good picture can keep visitors interested and focused on the content in your website.


Make sure your text is clear and readable. You sampler fonts and only write what is needed. Unnecessary textual content might confuse and irritate the user and also contribute to clutter on the website.

White Space

Keep a track of all the unused space. Using the limited webpage space to optimal is an art. If you have a lot of content make sure you leave out some space and provide a breather to your viewers. A cluttered space is a buzz kill and will increase bounce rate.


Using the Call to Action buttons at right places will help guide the viewers to make decisions and drive sales and improve time spend on your website.
Following these tricks will certainly improve the User Experience of your website and after all it improves business and it will be best to put some effort into research before you begin.    


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