Ways! To Start Career In Web Development.

As we move more and more towards mobile age, everything that we want is coming online. Almost all services like food, entertainment, daily necessities and even businesses can be availed online.With everything going online the need for web development also goes up as  cheap web design and web design is needed to deliver these services to the general public. There is an exponential rise in a job in the Web development agencies in London and other parts of the world. They pay better as well as keep you on the edge with daily challenges. Listed below are a couple of pointers that can help you get started in landing a job in web development in 2018.


Learn Programming

 Programming in web development

This first step may look like a lot but it’s quite easy once you start doing it. Lots of material is available online for free to learn at home in your comfort zone. The four basic languages that you need to learn are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Once you have started working on them you will start to get a hang of the thing, you will see the web differently and understand designing better. After you are done mastering the basics some add-ons for like Photoshop and Dreamweaver will boost your skill set and your resume. Learning about what responsive website design is becoming very important in 2018 as many people use multiple devices to access the same information.


 Build a Portfolio

A portfolio is a must for any job in any field. You are now a developer so code a small website for your portfolio. A good portfolio will get you noticed in the online community. You should design and code some projects to put up on your website. They will speak for your skill-set. Get some freelance work to fill up your portfolio with projects

Get your code on GITHUB

Github is the industry-standard for version control, most companies prefer if you are familiar with the tool. Create your own GITHUB account and store your code there. You can show off your talent here as this might fetch you some amazing opportunities.



Contribute to Open source Projects.

Open source projects are publicly available and can be modified by everyone. Contributing to them will improve your teamwork credit as well as you will be improving the code. You will strengthen your skills and get hands-on experience and help you build a network of developers.



Follow industry updates and news.

You don’t need to become an expert on everything, just stay updates about what’s happening in the web development community.

Web Development trend 2018

Read blogs and articles related to developments by other developers and companies.



Effective Resume

An effective resume is what will reach the companies even before you do. It must speak for you even if you are not physically available. It should be descriptive with all relevant information arranged in a clear and orderly fashion. It must have all the links to your social presence and your projects.
Once you are through all of this you should now start applying for jobs. You can post your resume on career portals like the monster, indeed and other freely available job portals or you can also take the help of a recruitment firm to speed up the process and get the right opportunity for yourself.


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