How to design better CTA Buttons

User mostly has a goal setup in mind When visiting most websites, and all goals either start or end with a click to action buttons. CTA buttons are the buttons you will use on your website to let the users about actions they can perform. The main function of a CTA is to navigate your site visitors to a where you need them to go to make a sale or conversion into customer. CTA buttons serve multiple functions including, starting a trial, downloading stuff, signing up. You can always seek help from top web design professionals at TechTIQ for and effective design; they are the top web design companies London, UK.
Let us help you with right methods for planning and designing CTA buttons strategies that will help you get the best ROI.

1.Visually Impactful Button

The color of you button is very important. In fact, if you’re going to follow any of the tips we give it should be this one: “Your CTA button color is very important”. Use a color that stands out from the rest by giving them more visual importance. Using contrasting colors will work wonders. Contrast can create buttons that can stand and attract attention improving clickabillity. This doesn’t mean any color that contrast but the one that also complements the theme of the website.

Not just the color but also the amount of space around it is also important for a CTA. Using white-space (or negative space) will help separate your CTA buttons from other elements in your design. Take an opinion from the best affordable web design agency UK.

2.Action-Oriented Text

Avoid long and boring words like “Enter for more information” on the buttons; instead use more action-oriented words like “Get discount now”. Use verbs like “Start,” “Get” or “Join”. Adding value to your buttons with words is a good idea. You must have noticed that many buttons have the words like “free”, using the word ‘free’ adds value to your offer as it is perhaps the most eye catchy word in the world. Try integrating words like ‘free’ or ‘bonus’ to add value.

3.Initial Visibility

The placement of CTA buttons is very important. It should be available without scrolling. Place the CTA button in a directly visible spot that does not need any scrolling. Try keeping it above the fold so that users will never miss it. Ideally it should be the first things a user sees on the page.

4.Large Button with Rounded Corners

Think about how the design speaks of affordability. Your design of the button should stand out as a button. If it blends too well with everything else it will become almost unrecognizable. The balance in size needs to be maintain, keep it large enough so it’s visible from a distance, but not so large that it distract all attention from the main content on the page


Achieving an effective CTA is very important as it plays a vital role in converting visitors to customers. It is not just button; a detail amount of research should also go into thinking about the background color, and the surrounding text and images


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