E-commerce Website Design Strategy For Fewer Products

The main goal of any e-commerce website is to sell as many products as possible to stay on the top of the game.

Beyond this common goal, many e-commerce sellers differ on many grounds like format, design, features, and target markets. Considering all this and the competitive market out there it is very important that e-commerce businesses create online stores that are well-suited to their profile and keep their message to the buyer very clear.
One such category that has the ability to influence the structure and the character of the store is the number and variety of products. Some small businesses believe in specializing and producing a limited edition of artistic or custom-made goods, which definitely sounds amazing but may not look too impressive on a web page that underlines the impression of emptiness.
This does not mean people who mean to sell authentic limited edition products should run away from online selling. All they have to do is apply a different approach that best suits their products and pay keen attention to certain aspects of the web designing process. Following these tips from TechTIQ will help you sell effectively.

Get professional photography right

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is true when it comes to website design. Images are important definitely for selling any product online as ‘no see, no buy’ mentality which apparently is a smart choice for the customers part just to be safe. The urgency to have professionally shot pictures is more when you are selling limited products on your website. A professional picture won’t just display your product clearly but also improve the overall look of the website.
If your website sells a service instead of goods they get your pros to shoot a session or an activity with you and your clients in action.

Design Large

When you have few products, there’s not that much you can post on your site leaving you a lot of white space. You should be avoiding too much “white space” on the site as they may dull the look of the website and apparently study show they generate thoughts of gloom and loneliness in one psyche. Fill them up by using large images, large texts, large headers, etc. Just keep in mind while working with big design elements it’s crucial to not end up having a lot of clutter. Clutter will create unwanted chaos. Find a balance between these lines.

Devote one page per product

Online stores with larger selections usually divide their products according to different categories. But with your limited selection, it is advisable to create a sub-category for each product and devote an entire page to promote that product with intricate details for people to understand the product.

Be descriptive with details

With limited products, you can take the opportunity to present your product in a way that can communicate all its benefits. Give a clearer picture of your product using several images from all angles or presenting the product variations in sizes, colors, and materials.
This is very important as a store with few products will not be taken seriously let all considered professional by some online shoppers. By adding descriptive information and relative content you demonstrate that you can be trusted and that you put the emphasis on quality and not quantity.

Add customer testimonials

An opinion from a fellow shopper is considered almost every time before buying and the power of positive opinion is real, it is one of the many deciding factors before a purchase is made online.
So to wrap it up if you wish to make your online store successful keep the above elements in mind and if you need any professional help you can always seek out TechTIQ for your website design and development needs.


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